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Critical Commissioners Meeting June 22nd Big changes to Density and Building Heights

After years of countless studies and presentations to the community, the city commissioners of Wilton Manors are on the verge of passing a significant increase in density. On June 22nd at the next commissioners meeting there is a high probability that the number of units per acre will be raised from the current 25/acre to 60/per acre. During what is called the first read, the commissioners approved as many as 100 units per acre. But since that time, they have held several meetings and sought public input on this important change. Together with the city’s planning staff they have narrowed in on the 60 unit per acre figure. At the public meeting you have an opportunity to voice your opinion on this matter as the final number is not yet locked in stone.

Additionally, after nearly six years of reviews and numerous consultant reports, the commissioners are also planning to do a first read on the TOC-WEST (Transit Oriented Corridor). This will significantly impact the look and desirability of both Oakland Park Boulevard as well as Andrews Avenue. Please note this meeting has absolutely nothing to do with the previous discussions about the proposed expansion of TOC EAST, that has been tabled for another time. Based on what I heard from folks within the Westside Association of Wilton Manors, those residents appear to welcome most of the proposed changes. Some locations could potentially see heights increased to as many as 8 stories subject to rather strict criteria. The planning department is also mandating traffic and shadow studies for the larger projects to determine if the height and density changes will have unintended consequences for the residence that live nearby.

So, I encourage you to attend the June 22nd commissioners meeting which will have the opportunity for both in person and online participation. NOW is the time to be heard, speak up at the meeting or email your thoughts on the proposals. Meeting takes place at City Hall at 7:00 PM. Zoom instructions will be forthcoming from the city of Wilton Manors.

Here are the proposed heights

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