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January 2023: Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing

[DJR] As communicated by the City's Emergency Management/Utilities Department. Additional information in PDF format are attached below.

USSI Universal Door Hanger 2021
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00 Lift station map - Chen
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The Emergency Management/Utilities Department is continuing maintenance on the City’s sanitary sewer system. Beginning Wednesday, 1/25, the City’s contractor, Inliner Solutions and USSI, will begin smoke testing the City’s sanitary sewer system for potential inflow and infiltration leaks into the system. Once identified and repaired, sealed leaks will reduce the amount of non-wastewater flow being sent to the wastewater treatment plant.
Inflow is rainfall which enters the system through manhole covers, missing sanitary clean-out caps and illegal roof gutter and stormwater drainage pipes from private property connected to the sanitary system.
Infiltration is ground water leaking into the sanitary system through cracks and joints in the piping itself.
During the test, smoke is pumped into the underground system and comes out through the above deficient areas. If the ground is dry, it is possible that smoke can come through the ground if a sanity line has leaks. Property and business owners may see smoke in and around their properties and become concerned, especially if they see smoke coming from their plumbing roof vents (which is normal). The City’s contractor, Inliner Solutions and USSI, are door-hanging each property (see attached notice) in advance or the test. In coordination with the attached map, areas will be tested in the following order: LS-7, LS-6, LS-11 (east of FEC railroad), LS-1, LS-3 and LS-10. The work schedule includes Mon-Fri, 8am to 5pm. In addition to the contractor, one EM/U staff member will be present on site during the testing process, which will take 2+/- weeks in total beginning Wednesday, 01/25/23. Please forward to interested parties, and feel free to contact the Emergency Management/Utilities Department at 954-390-2190 with any concerns.
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