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Commissioners approve 60 units/Acre

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

During a marathon session the Wilton Manor commissioners voted unanimously to increase density from 25 units/acre to 60 units/acre within the Transit Oriented Corridors (TOC's). Many residents voiced their opinions before the final vote was taken, ultimately some of the commissioners were swayed by the fact they still get to largely control new development by imposing new zoning regulations. Those zoning regulations were also subject to painstaking discussions during what was meant to be the first read of the Article 30 revisions as proposed by city staff working with consultants. Unfortunately after much back and forth that went into the early morning hours the commissioners articulated their concerns, now staff will be working for 2-3 weeks to come up with appropriate language to reflect the areas of contention. At some point later this summer, Article 30 will be submitted for both a first and second read at which time commissioners are likely to vote on the matter.

So when will we start to see development proposals? That is difficult to answer, most likely the first to be submitted may be a couple of parcels on Andrews Avenue that now have either vacant land or the buildings are tenant free. Don't be expecting any concrete proposals in locations such as the plaza housing Holy Mackerel, nor the ones housing Alibi or even Publix. Those could take years being that they all have tenants with leases. As always we will be keeping you apprised every step of the way.

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