By joining CANA you strengthen our efforts to maintain and improve our quality of life.


Who We Are

CANA, the Central Area Neighborhood Association keeps you abreast of all the major changes  forthcoming that will impact the quality of life within the core of Wilton Manors. Be it the latest cool  shop or restaurant opening, a new development around the corner, an uptick in crime, budget strains or  park beautification our goal is to keep you well informed. In the loop even if you can’t make it to every city meeting.




Bill Desautels

Bill became a Founder at the Pride Center, volunteers at KIDS in distress, has served as the  chair of the CAAB committee. Now he is looking to have CANA not only be a streamlined source of info for all that is happening in Wilton Manors  but also as a source for direct membership involvement for taking our great small city to an even greater  future. 

Vice President/Secretary 

Matthew Gill

B.S. Textiles from the Univ. of Rhode Island

23 years in the textile industry in NYC

21 years in the financial industry in Florida

in addition to board position on CANA, also board member of Wilton Art and member on the Parks and Rec. advisory board.


Daniel Rahm

Daniel calls Wilton Manors his home since 2018. He particularly enjoys the residential and community feeling of Wilton Manors and is keenly interested in fiscal aspects surrounding our town

Board member

Michael Kalb

Michael moved to Wilton Manors as his place of permanent residence after spending extensive time living abroad. The small town feel, strong sense of community and of course the South Florida weather all contributed to the desire of living in Wilton Manors.  

Board member

Robert Hadley

Robert Hadley in his eleven years a Southern Florida resident has lived in Wilton Manors for nine of those years. 


Retired early from being a public servant in a small town outside Chicago he's become a community activist. 


His tenure on the Island City's Community Affairs Advisory Board tied into working with Wilton Manors Entertainment Group Robert is tied to our community 



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