CANA - Who We Are ...
The Central Area Neighborhood Association of Wilton Manors, Inc. is registered as a Florida
not for profit organization and exists for the purpose of providing a forum for the residents of
the central area of Wilton Manors to meet, discuss and solve issues that impact the well-being
of the neighborhoods within these boundaries.

These issues include, but are not limited to, zoning, city ordinances, crime, traffic patterns, beautification, special events and the overall welfare of the neighborhood residents.

Manor Market and other businesses along Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors (Colohatchee).
Taken about 1946, the year before Wilton Manors was incorporated.
Photo courtesy WMHS Collection

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A Message from the Central Area Neighborhood
Association (CANA):
  The Heart Of Wilton Manors Beats Here...

Join CANA or renew your membership by visiting www.CANAWM.org or email us at membership@canawm.org.

    CANA invites you to join our membership – CANA is a forum for residents of the Central Area of
    Wilton Manors to meet, discuss and solve issues affecting the well-being of the neighbors by serving
    as a communication channel for information between residents and the City Commission.  You can contact
    any board member for information or to provide input.  Your attendance at our meetings is invited and your
    input is desired.  By joining CANA you strengthen our efforts to maintain and improve our quality of life.
    Yearly membership is $25 per individual/household.  Please join through our website or at our quarterly

    A Message from membership@canawm.org

    Congratulations to the newly elected CANA Board of Directors:

    Bill Desautels
    Matthew Gill
    Daniel Rahm
    Robert Hadley
    Michael Kalb

    At This Link you will find the Infrastructure presentation from
    David Archaki, City of Wilton Manors EM/Utilities Director
    (Powerpoint, will open in a new window)

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Contact us:  www.canawm.org ---- Email: membership@canawm.org

P.O. Box 70045 ♦ Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307 ♦ www.CANAWM.org
Board of Directors:  Raymond Carrier, President – Bill Desautels, Vice-President- Fred Caplan, Treasurer- Matthew Gill, Secretary – Brent White, Director
, Daniel Rahm, Director



Important Phone Numbers

The City of Wilton Manors is at www.wiltonmanors.com
City Hall Main Number
Mayor and City Commission
Wilton Manors Police Dept.
Broward County Supervisor of Elections
Broward County Property Appraiser

Link to other City Numbers


 (954) 390-2100
 (954) 390-2195
 (954) 390-2123
 (954) 390-2150
 (954) 357-7050
 (954) 357-6830