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The Central Area Neighborhood Association of Wilton Manors, Inc. is registered as a Florida not for profit organization and exists for the purpose of providing a forum for the residents of the central area of Wilton Manors to meet, discuss and solve issues that impact the well-being of the neighborhoods within these boundaries.

These issues include, but are not limited to, zoning, city ordinances, crime, traffic patterns, beautification, special events and the overall welfare of the neighborhood residents.

Manor Market and other businesses along Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors (Colohatchee).
Taken about 1946, the year before Wilton Manors was incorporated.
Photo courtesy WMHS Collection


CANA President Paul Rolli
CANA’s Corner: 
A message from the President Paul Rolli…

The Central Area Neighborhood Association (CANA) provides a forum and community voice for area residents to meet, discuss and solve issues that impact the well being of area neighbors.

CANA Would like you to know about the upcoming agenda on the July 15th meeting at Hagen Park:

"Cross Roads"


A Community Opportunity

WHEN:           Wednesday, July 15 @ 7pm @ Hagen Park

PURPOSE:    Presentations by city and regional planning officials on the topics of                         roadway safety, pedestrian concerns, bike lanes, Complete                                    Streets program and Andrews Ave. & Oakland Park Corridor                                Study

ISSUES:            Potential safety and structural impact on Wilton Manors
                        Potential funding impact on Wilton Manors
                        Potential opportunities to dovetail existing plans

FORMAT:        Panel Discussion with Questions and Answers


Ms. Leigh Ann Henderson, Assistant City Manager, Wilton Manors
Mr. Howard Webb, District Design Engineer – FDOT
Mr. Steve Braun, Planning & Environmental Management Engineer, FDOT
Ms. Maria Anaya de Yeats, Bicycle/Pedestrian Specialist Coordinator, FDOT
Mr. Peter Gies, Regional Transportation Planner, MPO
Mr. Ricardo Guitierrez, MPO
Ms. Karen Mendrala, City of Ft. Lauderdale
Mr. Michael vonder Meulen, Keith and Associates, Inc.

The Neighborhood Associations of Wilton Manors

*FDOT – Florida Dept. of Transportation
   MPO – Metropolitan Planning Organization

Next CANA Meetings:  July 15, October 21, 2015.

Contact us by email: or visit us on the web at

All meetings are held in the Hagen Park Community Center
at 7pm and Parking is Free!


Paul J. Rolli, President

Fred Caplan, Vice President

Don D’Arminio, Treasurer

Brent White, Secretary

Constance Ruppender & James Cromar, Directors

Important Phone Numbers

City Hall Main Number
Mayor and City Commission
Wilton Manors Police Dept.
Broward County Supervisor of Elections
Broward County Property Appraiser

Link to other City Numbers

 (954) 390-2100
 (954) 390-2195
 (954) 390-2123
 (954) 390-2150
 (954) 357-7050
 (954) 357-6830