CANA - Who We Are ...
The Central Area Neighborhood Association of Wilton Manors, Inc. is registered as a Florida not for profit organization and exists for the purpose of providing a forum for the residents of the central area of Wilton Manors to meet, discuss and solve issues that impact the well-being of the neighborhoods within these boundaries.

These issues include, but are not limited to, zoning, city ordinances, crime, traffic patterns, beautification, special events and the overall welfare of the neighborhood residents.

Manor Market and other businesses along Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors (Colohatchee).
Taken about 1946, the year before Wilton Manors was incorporated.
Photo courtesy WMHS Collection

CANA Wilton Manors President for 2016 Paul Rolli

A Message from the Central Area Neighborhood
Association (CANA):
  The Heart Of Wilton Manors Beats Here...

Happy Birthday CANA – 10 Years Old

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING – May 10, 2017@ 7 PM @ Hagen Park

1. Commissioner Scott Newton (Impact of Development on Neighborhoods)
2. Police Department Updates
3. ICPP Parking Lot & Site 92 & City Canoe Race – Leisure Services

4. Presentations/Updates - Proposed Development in Central Area
  • Hammerhead Aquatics – old Goodwill site – John Grzeszcak, Paul Kissenger
  • Shoppes of Wilton Manors – Pending confirmation
  • Villas on the Drive – Pending confirmation
  • Town House NE 21 st Ct, NE 3 rd Ave - Update
  • Town House 549 NE 21 st Ct - Update

5. City Issues

  • Andrews Ave / Oakland Park Blvd Corridor Study – City seeks input
  • Wilton Drive Update – March 30 presentation – Construction 2018
  • Traffic Light NE 20 th @ Wilton Drive
  • Local Block party in CANA area - TBA
  • Volunteer Opportunities
6. Upcoming Events
www.canawm.org ---- membership@canawm.org

P.O. Box 70045 ♦ Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307 ♦ www.CANAWM.org  ̈ Email: membership@canawm.org

Board of Directors
Paul J. Rolli, President  ̈ Raymond Carrier, VP  ̈
Fred Caplan, Treasurer  ̈ Matthew Gill, Secretary  ̈ Brent White, Director


CANA submitted a letter to the City in support of the grant request for a TriRail Coastal Link Rail plan.


Membership increased by 18% in the first quarter of this year. CANA is the voice of the people and membership helps strengthen the community and we strive to keep the membership informed about quality of life issues. Members receive information first via our email list. It is always better to be informed earlier on major projects than to be in the “I wish I knew about this earlier” category later in the game.


CANA has begun the process of collecting information on installing cross walks on NE 6th Avenue in the area of NE 28th. With the expected increase in traffic on NE 6th Avenue due to the Walmart, narrowing of Wilton Drive and increased density in surrounding areas, CANA wants to get an early start on the process. If you are interested in supporting this initiative please email membership@canawm.org with your name and contact information. Your information will be provided to the CANA coordinator.


Agenda will include Central Area development updates.


  • May 20 – Island City Canoe Race
  • June 17 – Stonewall Parade & Festival
  • November 13 – Taste of the Island Richardson Park

JOIN CANA or renew your membership by visiting www.CANAWM.org or email us at membership@canawm.org.

CANA MEETINGS: Next meetings are scheduled for May 10, July 26 and Oct. 25, 2017 @ 7pm @ Hagen Park

Contact us: membership@canawm.org or visit us: www.canawm.org

Paul J. Rolli, President - Ray Carrier, Vice President - Fred Caplan, Treasurer - Matthew Gill, Secretary - Brent White, Director


All meetings are held in the Hagen Park Community Center
at 7pm and Parking is Free!


Paul J. Rolli, President

Raymond Carrier, Vice President

Fred Caplan, Treasurer

Matthew Gill, Secretary

Brent White  Directors

Important Phone Numbers

The City of Wilton Manors is at www.wiltonmanors.com
City Hall Main Number
Mayor and City Commission
Wilton Manors Police Dept.
Broward County Supervisor of Elections
Broward County Property Appraiser

Link to other City Numbers


 (954) 390-2100
 (954) 390-2195
 (954) 390-2123
 (954) 390-2150
 (954) 357-7050
 (954) 357-6830